Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Is Finally Here In Australia

Well tomorrow to be exact. It must be the busy time of year. Its hard to not get side tracked with the spring cleaning. Plus the school seems full on with sports days, photos, enrollments for next year.
I know I should be working but the garden is in dire straits and needs a good clean up. I think it must be because the sun is shining so you see the grime more.
Over the next few weekends we will be fixing the roof on the patio, paving a section of lawn that refuses to grow, putting in a new garden bed, fertilising and mulching all the garden beds, giving the walls and paving a good wash.

We bought our dog a new bed yesterday. he has a kennel but he has a habit of dragging his bedding out. This then gets wet and he ends up with nothing to sleep on at night. It drives me mad. So we bought him one of those hessian trampoline style beds where he is off the floor but cant drag it anywhere.
As there is no shelter down the side of the house from the rain my husband had a brainwave, why not recycle the kids plastic cubby house that they never play in. He took the door off and put Judd's bed in...One giant dog house fit for a king...Just need to seal the back windows to stop the draft. He seems to like it.